Confirmation: Please reconfirm your flights two days prior to departure if you have made your own travel arrangements and not through a travel agent. Seat assignments can often be made in advance for international flights, but are not usually available for internal flights, where seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Check-In: International airlines require that you check in for your international flight no later than two to three hours prior to departure. This much or more time is needed because of time-consuming security checks and the risk that the airline may have overbooked the flight. In the unlikely event that your luggage is misplaced en route, it may take several days to recover. Valuable items such as camera equipment or binoculars and essentials such as prescription medications should always be hand carried on any flight to avoid loss or damage. Checked luggage should always be locked with the new USA security locks.

Departure Tax: Departure tax varies, but is approximately US$20 from major African cities, payable in US cash dollars only. There may be domestic taxes for internal flights, too. If you are on a group tour, your trip leader will advise you further.

Missing Your Flight: If you miss your flight or are otherwise delayed please contact your travel or tour agent immediately. If this happens after working hours please contact your airline to rearrange your flight schedule. Call the airline reservations number, find an airline agent at the airport who can help you or ask to speak to a supervisor.If your flight was cancelled or you missed it, you need the airline to put you on the next flight to your destination—either on one of their flights or on another carrier. Explain that you are joining a pre-paid tour and you must arrive in time.

Jet Lag: To combat the fatigue, insomnia and disorientation, be well rested before your trip. Try and avoid last-minute flurries of activity. If traveling east, start going to bed and getting up earlier for a few days before departure, if traveling west stay up late etc. During your flight eat sparingly. Avoid alcohol and caffeine beverages. Drink other liquids; airplane air can dehydrate you, aggravating jet lag symptoms. Try to sleep or simply rest with your eyes closed. When awake, occasionally stand, walk or stretch in uncrowded areas. On arrival eat a high-protein meal. Exercise, take a shower or have a swim. Don’t let yourself sleep until evening at your destination and eat meals at normal times there.